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philocom: Philosophy and communication

   "philocom"? - a technical term, refers to two bases of philosophical dialogue: on the one hand the friendship (philos), the affectionately engaged basic attitude of the search and devotion; on the other hand communication, the discussion, the dialogue, the discourse, the speech, the Logos, from which all reason results (com). And finally still another word is hidden in "philocom", i.e. "loc", which refers to the word for place in Latin. My philosophical practice philocom wants to be such a place, which promotes this connecting effect of philosophy in its different forms of dialogue about fundamental questions and so leads to clarity and wisdom.

Logo: Olive!

The olive, symbol of peace, life and wisdom, originates from the Mediterranean area - like occidental philosophy. It was devoted in antique Greece to the goddess Athene, the goddess of intelligence and in the original mythology daughter of the Metis, the archaic wisdom goddess. The philosophers called themselves lovers of Sophia, the wisdom.

Philosophizing is joyful and beneficial. To realize connections is its enjoyment, and it is nutritious and strong, not in the way like sweeties are, but comparable to the austere taste of olives.

Everything needs its time

  Both with the olives and with philosophy one must leave oneself time. The olivetree carries fruits at the earliest after 20 years, is able however to outlast for centuries, in exceptional cases even up to two millenia. It seems similar to me with philosophizing: it requires leisure, and its fruits enrich, the longer one stays with it. Also in our cultural history philosophical ideas often found entrance into general thinking only a long time after their first conception. Let us present the history of philosophy with their thinking figures like a grove of olivetrees, in which we can walk around, between all these age-old, knobby trees, some of it with breath-robbing forms and giving us shade, which invites for staying! Here inspirations can be found well and thoughts deepened.

If you have still some time left after having read this, take the chance to look my video (in English) about my concept of philosopsophical practice: http://www.philopractice.org/detlef-staude .


  Olivetree near Volos (Greece)


Philosophieren bereichert. Es macht vieles verständlicher und gehört zum Sonntag des Lebens, der uns lebendig und offen für dessen Tiefe macht.

Philosophieren, so wie ich es vermittle, lässt das Prickeln des Geistes auch im Alltag erleben.                                 
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