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Detlef Staude

was born in the Rhine valley, therefore having a weakness for tender irony; studied philosophy, German language and literature, communication sciences and psychology in Munich and Freiburg/Brsg.; worked as assistant teacher in Aberdeen; has been examined as grammar school teacher for philosophy, German language and literature in Bremen; participated in the discussion groups of Ivan Illich; lives in Switzerland since more than 20 years; runs his philosophical practice philocom since 1997; is president of the network for practical philosophizing philopraxis.ch and editor of four books about Philosophical Practice (2005, 2008, 2010, 2018). A new book on philosophy in and from Switzerland will be published in 2022.

Next to this he was the main organizer of the 14th International Conference of Philosophical Practice (ICPP) 2016 in Bern.

General orientation of my work


Lectures, Publications and Books in English:

Detlef Staude, Eckart Ruschmann (eds.): Understanding the Other and Oneself, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2018; With a selection of papers from the ICPP 2016 in Bern. www.cambridgescholars.com/understanding-the-other-and-oneself

Detlef Staude,  The  enchantment  of  the  common:  Ivan  Illich’s Philosophical  Practice  /  El  encanto  de  lo  cotidiano:  la  práctica filosófica de Ivan Illich, in: HASER - Revista International de Filosofía Applicada, 9-2018, pp. 129, Ed.: José Barrientos Rastrojo, Universidad de Sevilla, ISSN: 2172-055X .

Aphorisms as Stimulation in Philosophical Dialogue, in: Lydia Amir, New Frontiers in Philosophical Practice, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017: http://www.cambridgescholars.com/new-frontiers-in-philosophical-practice

Protagoras - A Cultural Theorist and A Philosophical Practitioner?  The Korea Society of Philosophical Practice, Philosophical Practice and Counseling  Vol. 7, 12/2017, 65-12.

Detlef Staude, Philosophical Practice as Mind-opening Dialog Towards Freedom and Vivification, in: Journal of Humanities Therapy: Humanities Institute Kangwon National University, Korea, Vol. 6, No. 2 (2015)

The Path of Consideration. Philosophical Practice in Dialogical Life Accompaniment; in: Michael N. Weiss, The Socratic Handbook, 2015: Lit-Verlag, Münster/Wien/Zürich; pp. 35-43.

Protagoras: Well-travelled Philosophical Practitioner as Orator, Constitutional Scientist, Political Advisor, Teacher and Anthropologist? (World Conference of Philosophy Athens 2013)

Body, bare Life and good Life (Conference on Philosophical Practice Carloforte 2008)

Get people involved (Conference on Philosophical Practice Sevilla 2006)

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Philosophieren bereichert. Es macht vieles verständlicher und gehört zum Sonntag des Lebens, der uns lebendig und offen für dessen Tiefe macht.

Philosophieren, so wie ich es vermittle, lässt das Prickeln des Geistes auch im Alltag erleben.                                 
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